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After being an Avon representative for many years, I was ready for a change. I was tired of the rat race, but more than that, it would never give me the income I needed to support my family, much less give me the time freedom that I desperately wanted. So, over the years I had been looking for just the right business and had looked into other direct sales and MLM programs. I actually got involved with a few of them, but none of them ever worked out.

Then a friend introduced me to Coastal Freedom. Finally I found a real business that could give me all that I wanted -- time freedom, financial freedom, and a chance to travel! I am very excited to be a part of this team! This is the best business opportunity to come my way. I am involved with the most awesome group of people who are right there to help me every step of the way in my journey to success and Coastal has the best training and tools to make this business easy. I can do everything in this business with my phone and from my computer, and I get to talk to people all over the country. AND all the vacation possibilities and savings will finally make vacationing affordable.

I would love to have the chance to talk with you more about the business that can open doors for you to have real success in a fantastic home business.

May your successes be great!

Lori Repman

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